Monday, August 20, 2007

13th August !!!

Last Monday is 13th August !!! It is here again!!! lolx... By right dear asked me to take leave on that day and I also wanted but because of the limitation of my leave due to some reasons, I cannot afford to apply anymore. However, I am still very happy this year as I have 2 small rounds of celebration starting from lunch to dinner time. hee !! For lunch, my beloved colleagues Susan, Lavanya, Yi Yuan & Yi Luan treated me to Lerk Thai restaurant at Novena Square 2. Shufen forgot my birthday and went to clear her leave for this whole week. As her leave was always very difficult to claim plus if she still do not do so, all her last year leaves will be forfeited. Okay la... understood and at least she has wished me but still kind of bad loh... =p you own me one meal huh!! hahaha.... jK... We ordered a set lunch of 5 dishes, 1 soup, steam rices and get free deserts from a discount card given by IRAS. Yummy yummy.... The food were a little bit spicy but the taste was great. All of us enjoyed the feast and took some photographs together. The next birthday babe will be.... Lavanya! I am looking forward to celebrate with her and the rest. ^^ So far, we have celebrated for shufen,susan, yi xuan and me. hee... yi luan will be on next year le..Looked ! I so good rite? Can remember all of you's birthday. heee.... ^v^

After work, I proceed to my next celebration with my best buddies Miko, Judy, Shu Qin, De Qiang and dear at Cineleisure k box for a k buffet. This is my second time going to the buffet. I felt very excited. Miko and I reached first. While waiting for the rest, we played some of our favourite songs to listen and start eating a bit. Very soon, shu qin, judy, dear and de qiang were there in sequence. hehe... All of us having fun with singing, chating and eating. Yummy yummy.... The k box service is not bad. When dear arrival with my cake, they initialed to keep it in the refrigerator. They even lighted up all the candles and bring it to our ktv room for my cut cake session. We were quite surprised. We still thought that we will need to unwrap the cake all these by ourselves. It looks beautiful for the moment the waiter sent the cake in as KIV is always a bit dark. The candle lights brighten up the place a bit and created warm feeling atmosphere. I quickly took a few shots in case the candles melt too much. Then dear found something weird. He asked me how come there are 2 big candles and 8 small one. faint*** I am not 28 !!! I am still younger than that !! =p lolx... Dear had no idea of it even though he is the one who bought the cake. Most properly is the cake shop give us extra candles and the K box just used up all these candles to my cake."-_-
So funny loh... We laughed until almost fell. haha.... I have not much to comment about it because I have already fainted loh!! oops... hahahah.... No wonder I find the candle lights quite bright. Now I know how bright is it when I celebrate my 28th brithday. "-_- lolx.... The following are the pictures we took that day. ^v^

For those who do not remember 13th August...I cannot only say You guys bai jiao le la!! so bo xin de!! I do not want to see you all again!! Get lost and go fan xin fan xin hor!!! =p lolx... jus kidding.... As I know all my true friends remember and some aiya aiya... you know who you are loh!!! =p lolx...

Thanks to all who remember my birthday, gave me presents & the treats ! I appreciated it a lot ! ^v^

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter

Many years ago, I wanted to read this book "Harry Potter" !! Looked... I'm such a book lover!! hohoho.... =p Well, the story goes this way : Last time I have a JC friend. I spotted her reading a book one day and so I questioned her what book she is reading. Of course she replied : "Harry Potter !! Is it a very nice story, although is for kids( should be part one or two ah) but it is absolutely amusing,etc etc...." haha... That is not the end yet !! Due to my busy time, this book became just an image in my brain everytime. Meaning I have not touch any of the chapters yet. Oh no... "-_- However, I make up my mind to read up Harry Potter this time!! O.O Why? Because the story is interesting and I like to read loh(lolx) as mention in the beginning of this post. haha...In addition, this is the only story book that is so popular until the whole world is reading it. The author was a billionaire. Not million wor!! O.o

There goes THE END of my Harry Potter last book 7 series.

Name Card

At last I got my own name card from my company. haha... I have worked here for nearly 2 years. What a long time but not very long la.. =p haha.... I am so glad about it. A few of my colleagues started exchanging it like exchanging idols card =p since the day they collected. Not to mention that I am one of the participants for this "activity" too. oops... haha... We have quite a big stack of the cards. Suddenly, we were wondering if the cards can be distributed out finished one day?? omg... haha...Anyway, we can always keep it as a survivors or future usage. I can start exchanging it with the external government agencies like LTA, HDB, etc etc when there is a meeting. hehe... I personally like the design of the card very much as it is unique. Usually, most of the name card is facing horizontally whereas ours is vertical.

For those who are not in my so call "MECL" msn email chat list, let me know if you wish to mail chat wif me during office hours. I will released the xxxxxx for you... =p haha....

Monday, July 16, 2007

NDP 2007

This year NDP 2007 was excellent !!! First time NDP is celebrated at Marina, on a floating stage!! Must watch if you have the tickets on the actual day/rehearsal or at home!! hehe... I am so glad to watch the first rehearsal on last last saturday. Too bad the pictures I took in my digital camera is not with me now otherwise I can post some photographs here. In the meantime, I just grab one picture from my friend's blog first to make my post looks nicer. =p hahah...lolx...

Our view on that day..hehe....

Million Thank you's

I have been reading lots of official and forwarded emails via my lotus notes. hahha... lolx... Below is one attachment from a colleague, which I find it quite funny...Download it if you got nothing much to do now =p hahah.....

click here ^^

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some Update on my blog

Hi everyone, I have finally linked up all my buddy bloggers and reveal my blog to more people like you!! => Those who are going to create a blog soon, remember to let me know once your blog is up... okay... =D

Friday, June 29, 2007

INFOD Quality Day

Today is my company's Quality Day. All staff are invited to attend the function. I just came back from there sometimes ago. The function is not bad as Tea breaks is provided. =p haha.... We had sandwiches, chicken wings, bee hoon, oreo cakes, fruits tarts, fruit punch,etc etc.. Yummy Yummy.... By right, I planned to get some quick bites from the canteen before I go out later as I normally off work at around 7pm++ and the show starts at 8pm. Therefore right now, I can consider to have my "dinner" already. haha... Yesterday, my company also have a celebration for a newly launched tax portal. Again, there is catering. Although I did not went for the celebration but I still get to eat the food. haha..My officers da bao quite alot back. By right yesterday afternoon, I have to get some snack to eat from the canteen too as I need to go orchard during lunch time so I ate only bread during that hour inorder to have more travelling time. hahah....Good hor... This two days!!! =p hahha.... Oh ya... I forget to comment that today's food is nicer than yesterday's one. All my colleagues also told me that.
Okay.. Is about time to leave office soon le!! yeah yeah... hahaha....
Have a nice weekend everyone! =D

Doctor inspite of himself

Tonight after work, I will be going to the Bugis National Library with Judy !! To study and read many many books. Look.. Isn't that very hardworking of me?? ^^ Come on... Put your hands together now and give me around applaud....
Thank you Thank you!!!
Just kidding.... We are going to support Miko's performance later. The title of the show is "The doctor inspite of himself". It's adapted from a French comedy and they have converted it to chinese opera. JiaYou Miko!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Silly Meow aka francis aka dear

I just read my best frends, mimi aka miko's blog about her bf aka YX and this makes me feel like commenting my Silly Meow aka francis aka dear too... hahaha..... You all must be wondering how come I use so many "aka" here... haha.. That is because sometimes I will call miko as mimi, dear as meow... miko will call me as pei pei, Judy as ah di... dear will call me as meow too...etc etc... oops... haha... I do not know why we like to call each other some other names but one thing for sure is, we enjoy doing that.... hahaha ..=p
Sight.... Let's get to my main point.... Recently, I quarrelled with dear a lot too. He always irritated me when we chat at night and made me super angry. I understand that every couple will have quarrel but I hope this will not happen to me and dear everytime.

Leave & Ktv

By the way, I am on leave tomorrow to help my brother to do something in the morning. Evening time, I will be going to K-buffet with my colleagues, yi luan,yi xuan, susan, ex-co shihui,lee min, they all.... hehe.... Last week, I also went to k-box but is with shu qin and de qiang. Is very fun. We will have more singing lesson again. =D

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bus 21

This morning, I waited almost 25 minutes for Bus 21 to arrival. Damn it!! I could have reached my office long long ago. My house is very near IRAS. In less than just a 15 minutes of bus ride, my work place will be right in front of me.Waiting time is longer than travelling time! What the heck is this! #$^&*##@ Other buses like 857, 66, 64 and etc have appeared almost 3 times within this 25 minutes! At that moment, I felt like screaming real loud!! Many times I wanted to give up waiting for that freaking bus to show itself and just get a cab to work. However, I keep telling myself to be patient and determined not to spent the unnecessary anymore. Finally, my effort is pay off. The turtle bus came eventually and I board it. I felt so glad as if this is my first time taking a bus. omg! I am sure I will regret if I take cab to revenue house today. =p hahaha.... liew... All right, I wanted to say that I seldom take bus to work as most of the time is either by cab or dear's car. oops.... I know that is it damn sinful not to take bus especially when dear cannot fetch me. From today onwards, I am going to get rid of this sickening bad habit!! I must be not be late again! =p hahaha... Bus 21 !!! You better listen!! Don't be always so late hor!! Otherwise, I am going to write you a complain letter!!
Everytime after work, I also waited very long for this stupid bus to come! #$^&*##@ hahaha......Sight.. If only I own a car then how great would that be!! Hope I can have my own car in future!!! =)
Anyway, today is a good start because I can consider not late when I reach office in despite of this annoying bus incident. =D